Learning & Training

Learning & Training

Technical Analysis is a way of analyzing the financial market with certain indicators to predict the Financial Market’s movement to a certain level. Technical analysis involves predicting future price movements for stocks, commodities, currency, and bonds. Mass investor psychology is analyzed using historical market data. The data includes price, time, and volume.

Mass investor psychology refers to the overall investor optimism, pessimism, and expectation in the market. Since these psychological factors move share prices, technical analysis is considered the “study of mass investor psychology.”

It’s very much required for fast trades on a daily basis to trade in Futures and Options in the markets.


The purpose of technical analysis is to carry out price forecasts. By processing historical market data of any instrument, you can try to anticipate how it should be traded. There are several premises in favor of the reliability of technical analysis that are based on the experience and prolonged observation.

What we offer

We offer education and training in two levels. First is the Basic Level and Second is the Advance Level.

Basic Level: Starting from the meaning of Technical Analysis we equip clients to do their own long term analysis based on Trends, Trend lines and Classical Chart Patterns. We focus on Price Action of the financial instrument. The benefit from the basic level is that clients are independent to do their own analysis to invest for long term in any financial market. Investments and investing involves risk, hence it is always good to self analyze the instruments before investing.

Advance Level: Under this level we deep dive into various indicators and oscillators apart from price action and study the chart for midterm to intraday trading. The benefits from this level is that client will be equipped to do intraday trading with proper risk management and for any kind of financial markets. All the corners of Technical Analysis is touched in this level like psychological factors, risk management, discipline required in trading and investing, sector rotation, currency effect and inter market analysis.

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